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Andres Martorell + Cathal Flaherty

We are certified Voice Teachers
Since 2005 The Galway Voice Studio has provided singing lessons for students of all ages, styles and levels. Our goal is to help every student reach their full singing potential regardless of whether they are professional singers, or just like singing in the shower! Our Clients include AIMS winners, RTE You are a Star winners, Teen Idol winners, RTE Star Search winners, Trad shows on world tours, Multi platinum International Artists signed to labels such as Warner, Sony, Blue Note Records, etc...

We are SLS certified voice teachers.
Created by the legendary Seth Riggs in Los Angeles, Speech Level Singing is a revolutionary vocal training technique that maximizes your vocal abilities in any style of singing. From Opera to Rock; Jazz to Pop or R&B. Over 120 Grammy Awards winners use the Speech Level Singing technique as well as winners of the Metropolitan Opera Auditions and Tony Award winning performers on Broadway. Speech Level Singing technique is suited to both established performers and total beginners and will assist those who may have suffered damaged vocal cords due to poor teaching or years of vocal abuse.

So, we welcome everybody to our studio!. Those who actually are professional singers, those who dream of becoming professional, those who have some problems with their voices and seek professional help and those that just want to sing better in the shower!

What kind of experience can you expect at a singing class at the Galway Voice Studio?
Nobody sings that does not love it. Whether we are professional performers, or shower singers, we all love to sing. It is the goal of perfecting something we love which drives us toward improvement of our vocal abilities. The principal thing to keep in mind is that during your class you are the sole focus of your teacher. As all peoples voices are marvellously quirky and unique, all classes are taught on a one to one basis, thus ensuring privacy and confidence, as well as an uncompromising focus on your needs. To help your practice at home between classes, you are given a CD recording of your class to bring home to perfect what you have just worked on. All teachers at the Galway Voice Studio prioritise the creation of a warm and encouraging atmosphere in which our students can feel buoyantly positive about their work


Some of Galway Voice Studio Clients Include:


Brian Hogan
Vocalist & Bass, Preachers son & Kila
Michelle Lally
Irish Singer. Women of Ireland-De Dannan
Celtic Crossroads Irish Trad Tour
Lucia Evans
You are a Star Winner 2006
The Weightless Astronauts
Galway s Favourite Cover Band
Antoinette Dunleavy
Vocalist - The Commitments & Groove Boy
Corina Carrick
Vocalist - Oddity
Rob Wade
Winner you bloom awards UK 2011
Lecturer in voice coaching at National University of Ireland


Urzula Dudziak
Jazz Vocalist
Aga Zaryan
Multi Platinum Artist
Mika Urbaniak
Winner Polish best pop Album 2010
Magda Navarrete
Warner Music Artist


Kerry Brogan

Clients Awards

Padraig D'Arcy Winner AIMS 2008 Best Male Vocalist.

Lucia Evans Winner RTE You are a Star 2006.

Catriona Cloherty Runner Up "Coyotes Factor" 2008.

John Gaughan Winner RTE Star Search 2008.

Lucia Evans Runner up AIMS best Female Vocalist 2007.

Alison Rushe Finalist Teen Idol 2009.

Dave Skelton Winner London Singers/Songwriters 2006 Award.

The Burkes Choir, Winners Mixed Quartet 2007 Arizona, USA.

The Burkes Choir, Winners mixed trio, Runner Up Quartet, Missouri, USA.

The Burkes Choir, Winners Mixed Quartet, Mixed/Female/Male trio, Students convention 2008 Shropshire, UK.