I am Cathal Jack, voice coach at the  Galway Voice Studio. My mission is to help singers achieve the freedom to express themselves in whatever way their  hearts lead them. I strive to make my time with singers a joyful and liberating experience, to help singers find parts of their expressive character that they perhaps never knew they had. 

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Vocal Technique







Personalised technical vocal development

Nurture of a singers natural style and expression

Practical applications of technique to preserve the voice for touring

The building of self belief through familiarity with repeatable new techniques and style

Refinement of stagecraft and prowess in the recording studio

Developing an objective understanding of your voices growth

Establishing and evolving goals for your voice 

Are you a professional singer? 

my Experience


European Vocal Camp

Rock Vocal Coach

A place for a singer driven to explore, expand and surprise with their voice. A wonderful event driven by teachers and students whom strive to share and improve  


World Voice Teachers Expo


A diverse and open forum where teachers from different pedagogies styles, and backgrounds come together to share and learn from one another. 



Original Music

The best band I have been in. Festivals, studios and heartbreak. 


The Wilful


My first experience as a touring professional musician. Big productions, big rigs, lots of travelling. A warts 'n all education of what life on the road really is like.


Galway Voice Studio

Voice Training & Coaching
Started training my voice in 2008 with Andres Martorell. Began teaching with him in 2009, took over the studio in 2012. Studied with Speech Level Singing and the IVA. Was introduced to a global community of voice teachers


Growing Up

First Performances

My first live gigs as a precocious 15 year old. It seemed normal that the musicians who surrounded me were parents, siblings and uncles. 


Berklee College of Music


I had an amazing experience at Berklee in June 2005. Though the course was a summer program it gave me the confidence to bring music beyond my college years.

In a voice session my focus is entirely on the singer in front of me. As a voice coach I have been fortunate to learn from a number of great teachers and and even greater number of fantastic students. Among my students are singers who grace concert halls, television sets, festivals and arena’s nationally and internationally as well as budding singers who only sing when they think nobody is listening. What matters is where we want to go, rather than where we have been.


In my training I have been immensely fortunate to work with some of the worlds leading contemporary coaches of vocal style and technique including Greg Enriquez, Robert ‘RAab’ Stevenson, Andres Martorell, Richard Halton and Wendy Parr. Please  view my linkedIn profile with the link below to view a more detailed summary of my work and education experience

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For enquiries of any type please email or call me directly. ​


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Galway Voice Studio

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Studio Business Hours:

Tuesday - Friday: 1200-2100

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